Ya’ll know pokes were never in style, right? Here are my 10 – er, 9 – tips for keeping it real while you attempt to attract mates on the interwebs. Tweet the video HERE 😀 please! New videos every week:

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If you love cats, 80’s music, and binge-drinking wine, then this is the channel for you! I’m Taryn Southern, celebrator of the internet, your best gal pal, your future ex-wife (and everything in between). I’m also a former TV actress, now YouTube Creator, who strives to make the Internet a more bizarre place — one drink and two cats at a time. When I’m not providing Internet therapy over an alcoholic beverage or taking on dumb YouTube challenges with my internet BFFs (like Flula), I spend my time making covers of my favorite music (from Justin Bieber to Rihanna), as well as singing/producing original comedy songs. Subscribe and join the party!

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