Sexy Internet Dating – London

Sexy Internet Dating – London

THE SQUEAKUAL. Sexual guinea pig dating fun has now come to London. click the ‘share’ button above this sentence to share this video with facebook or twitter! 😀 and click here to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos: a thank you to of the biggest factors in our decision to move from Manchester was fear of a man called Harold who we realised lived in our building, this pales in comparison to Manesh who I now fear will be hiding outside my bedroom window completely naked waiting for a moment to strike. I hope you guys enjoyed!

–OFFICIAL LLAMARMY LLAMA HATS OMG– how exciting! email me a pic and I’ll feature you in a future sexy viewers montage :]

Also I just realised that prior to this my last three videos in a row were all reasonswhydansafail’s *vomit* so look forward to some variation in the coming weeks! haha.

See you next Friday.


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