How I Hacked Online Dating and Met My Wife: Success Story

How I Hacked Online Dating

In this video I talk about how I hacked online dating and how I got one leg up on the rest of the competition

Hey everybody so it’s Sam from and I wanted to talk about my story and for those of you who don’t know my story. I actually met my wife online and the way I met her is quite unique. See what happened about two years ago, I was taking a break from dating and actually wanted to actually work on myself. Improve my social skills and those kind of things. And I was pretty good at writing dating profiles because I had online dated before, but I wanted to get really good at it. There had been this dating coach whose material I had been studying for a good number of years. And he had offered a service where he would write a profile for me. And I thought well I can write a good profile, but if I could get a professional to write my profile for me it would take my profile from here to here and it would put me in a whole new league. So I decided okay I am going to get this guy to write my dating profile for me. And I wasn’t sure how this profile was going to unfold. How is a guy whose never met me able to write a profile for me? And the way it worked was that he sent me a dozen or so questions just to find out who I was, what I did for a living, what are my hobbies, what I was looking for in another person and based on my answers he crafted the perfect an amazing profile for me. When I read the profile he wrote for me I didn’t even originally use it, because it was so different. I am actually going to show you what he wrote for me. It was so different from anything I’ve ever read in my life. It was really long, but so descriptive that I didn’t necessarily think it was the best profile because I didn’t think a person could get a good sense of who I was, but the amazing part is every person I showed the profile to because I still have it and you’ll see it in a bit they always say it’s an amazing profile because its so different it has to work. So I really want to get your people’s opinion too because you’re going to read it in a bit I want you to read the profile, you can use the profile if you want and let me know is it a good profile or is it too long? And basically what happens is that he wrote this really long profile for me and I had some reservations about using it because it was too long and it was so different because of how the way it was written. So I took his profile and rewrote some parts of it and wrote some stuff from scratch and blended it in what he had written and that’s really the profile I was using when I was dating online. And a week later I met my wife and in part 2 of this video series I am going to actually going to talk about messaging and how I trained my brain. I am actually going to show you the actual message I sent to my wife and her response back and how I setup that first date.

Hey everybody it’s the dating coach’s profile he wrote for me and I’ll just read it for you. So the first sentence he starts out with. Have you ever heard of the term realistic dreamer? Do you know what a realistic dreamer is? It’s a person that dreams and makes all of his dreams a reality. And really he starts off with profile with something that’s really attention grabbing. Instead of saying Hi, my name is so and so it’s something that’s very different and it catches the readers attention right away and it is asking a question. When I was a little kid I met somebody that actually gave me that great life lesson. He looked at me and said dream big, live hard and make it all become a reality. And you know what? That’s a really powerful statement and I would use that last sentence as my headline for my dating profile. I find that most people will dream and not make it a reality and what’s the point of dreams if you can’t make it really? What are my dreams at night when I am tossing and turning trying to find that one comfortable part of the bed. You know in the summer you’re looking for the cool spot and in the winter you are trying to avoid the cool spot. As I am tossing and turning I am trying to dream of some of the million other spots than here. I love to travel. I love experiencing new people, food, language, sights, sounds and history. When I travel I just want to be changed by something. Last year I went to Cuba. Cuba’s amazing and the trip combined two of my loves, hot, beautiful tropical weather and amazing music. Music’s a very important part of the Cuban culture.

When you walk down Old Havana every single person we met was a musician or taught music. They sit out on the steps and they just play music and entertain each other and go over the day’s events.

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