REVENGE PRANK on Flaky Bitch from

REVENGE PRANK on Flaky Bitch from

Check out Gaby’s Rude Flaking Messages to Manoj here:

How to Get Revenge on a girl that Flakes!

We return to teach Gabby, Manoj’s date a lesson on why it’s not good to flake on people.

Please share your comments and experiences with Flaky people, me n or women!

She wasted 1 hour 13 minutes waiting for Bryce, not to mention the 30 to 45 minute drive! That’s what she gets.

Check us out ditching a Chick with a $200 Dinner Bill!:

Also we teach this Racist Indian Chick a Lesson:

We’re kinda like Martin Luther King or Jesus Christ for the Men of the New Age!

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