OKCupid IRL: Wocka WOCKA

OKCupid can be the creepiest. All these conversations were taken from actual OKCupid messages. People actually used these pick up lines… we just put them irl.

This is a RERUN. It was originally posted on IRL’s channel a couple years ago. If you missed my announcement video, I’m moving my first web series, IRL: the Internet in Real Life, to this channel.


IRL puts all of the Internet in the real world. So far we’ve covered Tinder, OKCupid, Twitter, and Facebook.

IRL started with me going through the funniest Tinder and OKCupid messages, and wondering what it would be like to see them irl. I loved the Tinder nightmares account and all the cringe worthy online dating messages I was seeing people screenshot and share online.

Instead of just reading the creepy OKCupid messages or reading the Tinder pickup lines out loud, I put them in real life.

I started with Tinder and OKCupid, but people can be the worst all over the Internet, so I moved on to Facebook and Twitter for the second season.



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