Angelkiss – “okcupid” (Official Music Video) shot by @klouddeath

Official musicvideo for “okcupid” by Angelboy aka angelkiss .(prod. INTERNETSHELTER & Lil Heroin) shot by kloudeath #vaporwave #dreamwave #cyberpunk #vaportrap ( with lyrics)

prod by @bleach_pr

cover by yanick.


imma keep it to myself

where are u now

u told me u wont leave

where are u now

i just wanna hold u tight

where are u now


i be coolin i be boolin

bitch i got a mac

im not afraid to use it

if u fuck around again

told u last time that im busy hittin licks

make a hit real quick

while my shawty on some shit

i really miss u now.

tell me where u went, cuz i need u now.


Angelboy – okcupid (prod. INTERNETSHELTER & Lil Heroin) Sad boy chill sad rap sad trap / cloud rap / ambient / wave / wavy / grunge / emotional / alternative rock / vaporwave / seapunk / cyberpunk / drain gang / bladee / ecco2k / uli k / yung lean / shield gang / gtb / underground hip hop eccho4000 dr34mg4ng blakee1000 dr34m g4ng rain boys rain boys into bust into ust barbed wire heart into dust bladee

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