When and How God Sent My Husband | How To Know He Is The One | The Process How We Met

Finding and choosing the right mate is very difficult, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In this video we are explaining how we met and the different processes we went through to make sure this was a God hook-up. Everyone’s process on how to pursue a godly woman and how to know he is the one will be different, however, being obedient and waiting on God should be the same.


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Check out the other videos:

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What is the Process?

In “The Process” series we will be sharing our personal experiences being single, married, how we met and how to wait on God etc…. We will also talk about Sex, Divorce, Fleshly decisions and the Consequences and so much more.. You don’t want to miss it. We are going to be as real and as transparent has we possibly can and we hope our experiences, testimonies, and impartation will help you in your walk with God, yourself and others.

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