Part 1 Zoosk “forgot” to send me a notification? Lol

Always start at my playlists. These people think that they are smart? I’ve never seen this fraudulent message until today. I checked all of my information today, and have never received a notification from Ms. “Creative”? This is why I video document EVERYTHING, because this alone makes all of my other videos MORE important. I wonder who informed Zoosk about this? The FTC cases I’ve investigated have BOOSTED my confidence dramatically! I didn’t even have to buy coins!? Every message out of 280 is asking me to upgrade? All 280 messages were computer generated? That’s called fraud you dumbass! People get on your sites to talk to REAL PEOPLE, not computers or your staff members fucking with people! Enjoy your money, for now? MAJOR CHARGES need to be placed on your asses! You people have been doing this for YEARS, and I KNOW you hear me. Oh I keep forgetting that you don’t think anything can be proven from a virtual web page? Wait till I have help. I have MULTIPLE plans, to show them what you really are. I want a 21 person team to test online dating and social media sites. 14 women, and 7 men including me. I’LL SHUT DOWN HALF THE INTERNET.

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