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Is he into you or not? Does she actually like you? How do you know when someone likes you if you suspect they are sending mixed signals? Stefanie and Brian discuss whether it’s truly possible to know when someone is “just not that into you” in this episode of Point/Counterpiont – in 30 seconds or less!

Point/Counterpoint is a dating series developed by Zoosk.com (www.zoosk.com) in which a yes-or-no dating question is posed to 2 singles, one who argues ‘yes’ and the other who argues ‘no’. Each person has 30 seconds to present their side of the debate and explain why they feel the way they do. To answer the question yourself, fan Zoosk at http://www.facebook.com/zoosk or follow Zoosk at http://www.twitter.com/zoosk and tell us your thoughts!

Shot and edited by Jason Fairbrother.

Featuring Stefanie and Brian from San Francisco.

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