Zoosk Commercial Remix – Kakakow!

Zoosk Commercial Remix – Kakakow!

Mountain top!

OkCupid Hates Homophobes!?!

Mozilla Firefox’s CEO donated to Proposition 8, OkCupid has formed a not so subtle protest.

5 DATES TURNED DEADLY – Fatal Online Dating

When you are single, it is common to go on a few dates every now and then. Having that American dream with the family, the house, the kids is what majority of people strive for after all. However, yearning for this life sometimes would cause us to go on dates regardless of the red flags.
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Plentyoffish.com Review: POF SUCKS

Itunes Podcast Link: http://goo.gl/cLq3b Facebook: http://facebook.com/mchenrycruiser McHenry Cruiser met a woman from the online dating website http://plentyoffish.com at the Emergency room of a Hospital. He also met her underage daughter with epic Titties. Awkwardness endued.

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