Review: POF SUCKS Review: POF SUCKS

Itunes Podcast Link: Facebook: McHenry Cruiser met a woman from the online dating website at the Emergency room of a Hospital. He also met her underage daughter with epic Titties. Awkwardness endued.

Online Dating – The Musical

Tinder,, eHarmony, Grindr… there’s something for everyone out there! Tell us, have you partaken in this new tradition?!!! Tell us more! Subscribe for more: Behind the Scenes: Coming Wednesday! Follow us on Instagram: Find us on Facebook: And Twitter: DOWNLOAD THE SONG iTunes: Coming Soon! Louder (cheaper): WIN FREE
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Zoosk Darts Commercial REMIX

Remix To already such a Hilarious Commercial. ENJOY! I did not make the actual commercial. Only the remix. Disclaimer: I didn’t make the original commercial, I don’t own the original, all I did was edit some clips together

LOL! Funny Zoosk commercial! Dart thrower!! MOUNTAIN TOP!

This has to be my favorite commercial ever!


honestly get the app it’s a hoot u won’t regret it. thanks everyone for subscribing and stuff it means a lot to me 🙂 i have an instagram too so stalk me on it okay @megsyworld love u all x

OkCupid – Clown

OkCupid commercial. Directed by Cam McHarg. Post by Cameron Masingale

Zoosk Dart Commercial “kakakow!” (HD)

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Worst Online Dating Profiles Ever!

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The Most Awkward Okcupid Story Ever

Okcupid is a great dating website but sometimes things go horribly Wrong. This applies to Tinder as well. Subscribe to my channel for more strange stories I have to tell. Follow me on my awkward journey through life. Why Do I keep saying xyz in this video? I’ve never said this phrase in my life.
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Online dating gone wrong! || STEVE HARVEY

Steve gives his take on a man who waited 10 days at an airport for a woman. Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: Find out where to watch in your city here: Get more Steve Harvey! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hulu:

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