Review: POF SUCKS Review: POF SUCKS

Itunes Podcast Link: Facebook: McHenry Cruiser met a woman from the online dating website at the Emergency room of a Hospital. He also met her underage daughter with epic Titties. Awkwardness endued.

Online Dating: The Truth About Plentyoffish + Article

The Truth About Plenty of Fish A few easy tips to pull more chicks while online. May help if you are not having luck on POF. I’m no expert, just a normal guy.

POF Questions to keep a conversation going on Plentyoffish On Plentyoffish sometimes keeping the conversation going with a woman can be hard. It may be your competing against many other men who are vying for her attention at the same time. In this video you’ll see 50+ questions you can use if the conversation starts to dry up.

Plenty of Fish: Google Home Demo

Plenty of Fish (POF), one of the largest global online dating companies with more conversations than any other dating app, has announced an industry-first integration for a dating app with the Google Assistant on Google Home, eligible on Android devices and iPhones. The voice integration allows users to ask the Google Assistant if they have
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Tinder in Real Life – Online Dating Vs. Reality

Most of us are guilty of acting a little… different online, but at what point has it gone too far? We’re turning online flirting on its head and poking fun at some of the most ridiculous things people do online. Welcome to Online Flirting vs. Real Life! Tag a friend who is most likely to
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Plenty of Fish (POF) hack

I’m going to take you step by step what I do when I start to mod an application. I should you some things I look for and trends. When I was recording my screen it did lag a little at the front sorry in advance for that. I recorded the audio afterwards so if I
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The OFFICIAL Do Not Date List of Players- Men’s plentyoffish User Names

Online dating can be a great experience or can bring you heart ache. THIS LIST IS HERE TO HELP OUT THE LADIES! If you have had a bad experience with a rotten guy on plentyoffish please list his name below so that other women won’t fall for the BS.


My thoughts and reasons on why men should stop using online dating services


Hellooooo, I didn’t have time to film anything fun so I thought I would make an appearance by telling you two stories in one! I went on POF at the age of 14 and my nickname kitty was created! Enjoy this traumatizing moment in my life! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please
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Plenty of Fish Choosing a Great Username on POF 15 Messages in Less Than 24 hours !! All women make contact with me. Any man can get these results. Click here to see the video Plentyoffish. Looking to maximize the results you get on POF then think carefully about the username you choose. A hot woman will get 30+ messages a day and
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