Review: POF SUCKS Review: POF SUCKS

Itunes Podcast Link: Facebook: McHenry Cruiser met a woman from the online dating website at the Emergency room of a Hospital. He also met her underage daughter with epic Titties. Awkwardness endued.

Internet Dating Gone Wrong – Meeting Ugly Women Online

In this video I find myself getting messages from some less than desirable (ugly) women online. You can see the messages pop up on the screen in real time throughout the video. This is a comedy video, I hope you enjoy it. Some of the things that took place in this funny dating video are
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POF – Profile Tweaks That Work on Plentyoffish Plentyoffish. Try these tips and I guarantee you’ll have more women contacting you on POF


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Plenty of Fish Review – Online Dating compares top dating sites & helps you find singles like you! Plenty of Fish Review – Online Dating (Read Plenty of Fish Review Here: With over 90 million members, Plenty of Fish hosts the largest online dating site available. The extensive matching features ensure members find the most compatible matches based on their
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Online Dating: The Truth About Plentyoffish + Article

The Truth About Plenty of Fish A few easy tips to pull more chicks while online. May help if you are not having luck on POF. I’m no expert, just a normal guy.

POF Questions to keep a conversation going on Plentyoffish On Plentyoffish sometimes keeping the conversation going with a woman can be hard. It may be your competing against many other men who are vying for her attention at the same time. In this video you’ll see 50+ questions you can use if the conversation starts to dry up.

Plenty of Fish (fail)

12 minutes of some guy using a dating site..No its not me, just stumbled upon this online, and figured I would share.Wouldn’t be surprised if this guy uses LL lol..Let the trolling begin boys….12 minutes of some guy using a dating site..No its not me, just stumbled upon this online, and figured I would share.Wouldn’t
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Part 1 Zoosk “forgot” to send me a notification? Lol

Always start at my playlists. These people think that they are smart? I’ve never seen this fraudulent message until today. I checked all of my information today, and have never received a notification from Ms. “Creative”? This is why I video document EVERYTHING, because this alone makes all of my other videos MORE important. I
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