Go On a ‘Crazy Blind Date’ with OkCupid’s App!

Go On a ‘Crazy Blind Date’ with OkCupid’s App!

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, people are hoping to make a quick love connection. OkCupid is looking to help with ‘Crazy Blind Date’ – Their new app for insta-dating! Annie has the details on how it works and how to sign up. Do you have any crazy blind date stories? Share them with us in
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OkCupid Review & Essential Spirituality

Essential Spirituality: http://tinyurl.com/4nqesxd http://vanae.com/online-dating-package $50 off until 2/21 let’s be friends http://facebook.com/coachvanae Thanks for watching Review Wednesdae LOVE YAH! http://Vanae.com

Dating Profile Hacks to Find Your Ideal Mate w/ Catrific

Online dating is now the new normal, but that doesn’t mean we always know how to do it right. Cat has some simple tips for making sure your profile is optimized for finding that perfect someone! And for more life hacks, check out our new show, Everyday Guide, on Go90. Download the app now at
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Dramatically Reading People’s OkCupid Profiles

People makes bad choices on the internet.

Match.com App & Profile Tour! + Dating Life Update

So…I joined Match.com. Let me know in the comments below if you want me to share my journey with you, or if you have any tips, those would be helpful as well. 😉 Twitter: Tweets by pearlsandaggers Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/pearlsandaggers Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pearlsandaggers Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pearlsanddaggers & don’t forget Chester too! http://www.instagram.com/chesterkitty For business inquires please contact me
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Photographs to use for a successful online dating Profile on Match.com

As a Dating Expert I help people build their online dating profiles for dating success. There is a strategy and I’m going to share it with you so you can have the success you deserve with your dating and love life. If your online dating profile isn’t working for you then its most likely your
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A Word from Match.com

Ellen found this new commercial from the people at Match.com, offering some helpful advice.

Ellen Sets Carmen Electra Up on Match.com

Guest DJ Carmen Electra is looking for a good man, and Ellen knew just how to help.

How to Create the Perfect OkCupid Dating Profile

Here’s a few tips on how to make the most out of your online dating profile!

Match.com Profile Advice

Advice from a real guy on Match.com to women setting up a profile on the dating site – The e-mail account is no longer active!!! (or at least, not owned by me)

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