Arranging Casual Hookups Online | Quickies

Arranging Casual Hookups Online | Quickies

So. You ready to arrange a casual hookup online? Good for you! Let’s make sure you go about it the right way. There are a ton of apps and sites out there for you to try, but first, you need to make sure you’re rocking the right kind of profile. I’m sure you’ve figured out
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OkCupid Review & Essential Spirituality

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Dating Profile Hacks to Find Your Ideal Mate w/ Catrific

Online dating is now the new normal, but that doesn’t mean we always know how to do it right. Cat has some simple tips for making sure your profile is optimized for finding that perfect someone! And for more life hacks, check out our new show, Everyday Guide, on Go90. Download the app now at
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How To Get A Girlfriend | 6 Simple Steps!

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How To (Part 1)

Here are a few tips on how to pick good photos for your account. This is mostly for women, but guys can learn from this video too. My sites: Follow me on my social media:

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Tinder vs. Ok Cupid vs. Plenty of Fish (POF) E2. OK Cupid. Dating Apps

Review and tips on OK Cupid. Dating App.

Tinder vs. Ok Cupid vs. Plenty of Fish (POF) E1. Tinder. Dating Apps

I run through 3 popular dating apps, pros, cons, and reviews. This episode is about Tinder.

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